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Click here to download a PDF of the Student Registration Form

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Music Educational Services:
Private or Group Lessons available in:

Beginning to Advanced Piano
Beginning to Advanced Flute
Beginning to Advanced Oboe
Beginning to Advanced Baritone
Beginning to Advanced Bassoon
Beginning to Advanced Trumpet
Beginning to Advanced French Horn
Beginning to Advanced Voice
Beginning to Advanced Cello & Bass
Beginning to Advanced Violin & Viola
Beginning to Advanced Drums
Beginning to Advanced Marimba
Beginning to Advanced Bells & Percussion
Beginning to Advanced Saxophone
Beginning to Advanced Clarinet
Beginning to Advanced Guitar  - Acoustic, Bass, or Electric
Beginning to Intermediate Mandolin, Banjo, & Ukulele     
Student Band Formation and Jazz Band

Academic Services:
Private or Group Tutoring, or Session Classes available in:

Private & Group Academic Tutoring:  Elementary through High School
ACT or SSAT PSAT, SAT, PLAN, EXPLORE Prep Courses and Tutoring
Study & Organizational Skills and Time Management
Art - Drawing, Painting, Jewelry Making, and Sculpting
Language Arts - Grammar, Composition, Research Papers, Handwriting 
Spanish & ESL - Language Tutoring and Classes   Preschool through Adult
Italian - Language Tutoring and Classes   Elementary through Adult
Latin - Language Tutoring and Classes   Elementary through Adult
French - Language Tutoring and Classes  Elementary through Adult
Russian - Language Tutoring and Classes  Elementary through Adult
Chinese (Mandarin) - Language Tutoring and Classes  Elementary through Adult
German - Language Tutoring and Classes  Elementary through Adult
Japanese - Language Tutoring and Classes  Preschool through Adult
Math - Tutoring and Classes  Elementary through Adult 
Chess Scholars - Checkmate Classes
Hands-On Science with 8 different classes
Computer Basics - Tutoring and Classes
Computer Keyboarding & Formatting with Raspberri Pi ComputerTutoring & Classes
Computer Programming and Coding - Tutoring and Classes
Handwriting - Tutoring and Classes 
Creative Writing and Research Paper - Tutoring and Classes
Grammar - Tutoring and Classes 

Online Interactive Scheduling
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Coordinate lessons with different teachers  
View account status online
Appointment email reminders

We will try our best to make it one trip each week for multiple appointments

Free Wi-fi for Veritas students and families.


The Veritas Commitment

We believe all students have the potential to achieve excellence in all their academic, artistic and personal pursuits.
Therefore, our goal extends beyond instructing as we seek to be agents of change in the lives of our students.  
It is in this effort that we see the value in coming alongside our students and guiding them in their journey,
equipping them with the necessary tools to gain self-confidence in their area of study
and develop the life skills which are necessary to achieve success.

  • Unmatched personal investment, accountability, and encouragement

  • Customized instruction to fit each student’s learning style

  • Flexible times to fit busy schedules

  • Building confidence by imparting life skills for success

All Veritas instructors are highly educated, qualified, and have a passion to invest in students

Here's what our students say about the teachers at VERITAS CENTER:

Above and beyond...
"Our instructor at Veritas is an awesome, caring, instinctive teacher.  She is very patient with the kids, understands how  
they learn, and works really well with them to personally motivate them to learn
-Hope and Katy

Goals achieved...
“I got my ACT scores back and reached beyond my goals.  I am so grateful for all that you have done.  Thank you! ”

“Our three daughters have accomplished more with Veritas in just a few months than their former teacher accomplished in a year.  Their way of motivating children is amazing.”
                         - Christine

Enjoy learning...
"Piano is fun again!”             

Great Mentors...
“The Veritas method of training young musicians is absolutely wonderful.  Not only has my son learned so much and gained greater skill, but he has had so much fun in the process!”